Casino Grand 21 has an extended VIP club that guarantees its highly esteemed members some exclusive benefits. See the different VIP levels they have to offer.


The VIP level is the first level of the VIP club at Casino Grand 21. Here, members will receive 100 euros in their accounts when they sign up. VIP members can enjoy a 300% deposit bonus casino , guaranteed deposits. In addition, for every euro that VIP members deposit, they will earn 2 compensation points, which they can claim for use in games.

Vip Premium

VIP Premium members will receive 200 euros free of charge on their accounts after signing up and a 300% deposit bonus. For every euro that VIP members deposit, they will earn 3 compensation points. The betting limits are high, deposits are insured, and there is a 2% VIP voucher. VIP Premium members receive free souvenirs sent directly to their homes!

Club Vip Elite

VIP Elite Club members do indeed have elite treatment. When they sign up, they receive 500 euros free of charge in their account. Bonuses under the deposit amount are similar to the previous levels, this type of VIP level offers you higher bet limits, guaranteed deposits, withdrawals between 24 and 48 hours. 5% discount vouchers are also available free of charge. For every 1 euro that you deposit into your account, you receive 4 compensation points. In addition, VIP Club members all receive a free bottle of liquor or perfume of their choice!

Vip Presidential Suite

This is something exceptional! Receive treatment from a celebrity, or at least a president, with 1000 euros in your account when you sign up. Together with a deposit bonus of 300% and free vouchers of 10% discount, and in addition to all this, there are also 5 points of compensation for each 1 euro deposited.

Members of the presidential suite will be able to enjoy withdrawals between 24 and 48 hours, higher bet limits and guaranteed deposits. And the icing on the cake: The Grand 21 casino offers these prestigious members a free holiday on the house!

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